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Pinedorado provides the funds that the Lions Club of Cambria, and the Lions Pinedorado Foundation, have donated to the following organizations and charities:

  • Academic Scholarships for higher education

  • Allied Arts

  • American Legion Post 432

  • American Legion Auxiliary Post 432

  • Cambria Community Council

  • Cambria Chorale

  • Cambria Bike Ride Event BBQ

  • Cambria Connection

  • Cambria Educational Foundation

  • Cambria Garden Club

  • Camp Reach for the Stars

  • Children’s Christmas Party

  • City of Hope

  • Coast Union High School Girls Tennis Team

  • Cambria Youth Athletic Association

  • Cambria Grammar School Rancho El Chorro Science Camp

  • Coast Union High School Junior Class

  • Community Eyeglass and Vision Support

  • Farmers Market

  • Flying Samaritans

  • Friends of the Cambria Library

  • HART (Homeless Animal Rescue Team)

  • Joslyn Center

  • Joslyn Center Garden Club

  • Lawn Bowls of Cambria

  • Lions Club International Foundation

  • Middle School Math Contest

  • Music or Voice Lessons

  • Project Lifesaver

  • Cambria Rotary Foundation 

  • Senior Nutrition Program

  • Santa Rosa Church

  • Southern California Lions Institute

  • Cambria Teen Center

  • Coast Union High School Booster Club

  • Coast Union High School Drama Club

  • Lions Wilderness Camp for the Deaf

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